In our Seattle Film Classes and Seattle Video Classes, you’ll learn how to produce and direct movies; how to record high quality audio and video; how to light your movies effectively; how to edit your movies and submit them to major film festivals; and more.  You can take classes individually or work toward a certificate.

Some of our courses are held on the University of Washington campus in Seattle; others are held on the campus us North Seattle Community College. Several of them are co-sponsored by the University of Washington’s ASUW Experimental College.   Enrollments are processed by our affiliate,


Classes open for enrollment:

Video Editing in Adobe Premiere – Beginning level

In this class, intended for beginners, you’ll learn the basics of video editing using the professional software Adobe Premiere Pro.  You’ll learn the fundamentals of editing; when and how to use (or avoid!) visual effects & custom transitions; color correction (both automatic & manual); audio cleanup & leveling, and addition of music & sound effects; how to export and digitally distribute your movie; how to get Premiere and other Adobe apps at a very reasonable cost.  (A free trial copy can be downloaded and used during the class.)  Held in a classroom, not a computer lab.  Bring your laptop if you would like to work along.  Location: North Seattle Community College.Enrollments are being taken by Instructor: Peck  For more information: click here   (You’ll be taken to the site, which has course descriptions, dates, times, and registration links)